Your wedding day will fly in front of your eyes.

So your sitting here planning your wedding day and you are dreading this part of the day.

You have seen all those awkward couple snaps, and don't want to feel like your having school photos taken.

Don't worry, I promise I'm not daggy.

The couple shoot is an awesome chance for you two to enjoy a few quiet moments with each other away from the wedding day buzz. It gives you time to catch your breath, reflect and create more beautiful memories with yours truly.

Whether we go for a little walk not far from your wedding or drive a few minutes to a stunning view - there is always a great setting to be found and I am convinced it will be beautiful.

Annnnnd don't stress, I make it fun and play little games so you will forget you're having your snaps taken, I pinky promise.

Sweet, but how long should we allow for snaps?

An hour is usually great, not including the drive to and from the venue (if necessary). Depending on the flow of your day it can also make sense to split the couple session into parts. We might do a little session right after the First Look/after your ceremony and then head out once more in the evening to catch some of that warm, glowing sunset light.

We usually have the best light right before and after sunset, during the so called ‘golden hour’ and ‘blue hour’. The sun is very low in the sky, immersing the world in a warm light that looks incredible in photographs.

We understand that it’s not always possible to leave the wedding party around dinner time, but if there is a way to make it possible, the incredible light will make it so worth it.

When creating the timeline for the day, please note that the middle of the day is less than ideal for photos, especially if it’s very sunny. At that time the sun is very high in the sky and the bright light and harsh shadows will take away from the atmosphere in the photographs.

I still don't know what time is best for our snaps!

It's okay boo, I got you.

See the below graph that gives the best time for your wedding portraits depending on the month of your wedding.

Keep in mind that this is based off the first of every month, so if your wedding date is, say the 24th Jan, I would look at the Feb golden hour suggestion instead of Jan.