My Story

Get to know the gal behind the camera

Hello friends!

I'm Hayley Jodrell.

I specialize in documentary authentic style photography, capturing real down to Earth couples and families. When I’m not adventuring through tall grass to find epic photo locations, I’m looking after our son Laike and giving The Wiggles a run for their money, #mumlife #iknowallthenurseryrhymes.

I’m also a lover of garlic bread (like c'mon isn't it the greatest, carbs and garlic all at once, watch out vampires) and I dig all things neutral colored, couldn't half tell huh.

I'm also married to my hunni Kyle, who is also a super talented photographer, the reason I got into photography.

They are both my reasons why. Why I get so excited to photograph.

The reason for that extra spring in my step.

I can confirm I will cry happy tears for you, that's the Pisces in me, just ask our previous mates how many times I've teared up during a wedding, proposal and meeting little newborn babies, #sorrynotsorry.

I've been photographing fam's and lovers for 3 years now, and it's the best gig ever. In my three years of professionally third wheeling, I have been published in multiple wedding magazines, shot a wedding for Hit 92.9 and have been published in The West Australian Newspaper with family photo's, pretty rad.

Our sweet baby Laike, in our everyday life, resting in my late nan's rocking chair. Capturing moments like this is why I adore photography



“They’ve come out so good and so many photos I didn’t realise you captured!
Thank you so much Hayley and Kyle, you both went above an beyond for us.
Michael and I love all our photos and can’t wait to share them”