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I’m a wedding and family photographer based in Perth WA, but most importantly I’m a mother to two English Staffies and a kitten who thinks he’s a dog, so I practically have three kids, a hero some might say. I’m also married to the love of my life, who also is a wedding photographer, so that’s handy, also he’s pretty rad. That’s enough about me, now tell me about you...

Do you love to go down to the coast and watch the sunset, while sitting in your car with the windows down on a warm summer night? Yeah, me too. Do you tell everyone how your fiancé proposed and it feels just as exciting you as when you told it the first time? Because same. Do you know every quote from Kath and Kim, and feel sad for Sharon? Trick question, who doesn’t? Do you see pictures of creamy sunsets, lush fields, and fall weak at the knees? If you answered yes to all of the above, I think we should chat.

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Hayley Jodrell 


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